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Your Ex's Bankruptcy Can Cost You Dearly

That money the divorce court awarded you could be in jeopardy if your former spouse decides to file for bankruptcy. Read More
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The Twist and Turns of a…

The Twist and Turns of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: How Real Estate Investors Can Be Impacted by a Chapter 11 Filing and How They can Maximize Their Investment If They are Willing to Fight Back

Attorney Iurillo provides an example of how real estate investors can maximize their return on investment even in a tenant's chapter 11 bankruptcy by banding together and using their leverage wisely. Read More
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The Pitfalls of Limited Liability Companies – Part I

This series of blogs provides examples of what can go wrong – or right – with LLCs and operating agreements. Part I explains how one doctor made sure he would not be trapped in a soured business relationship. Read More
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Alex Zesch | Iurillo Law

Secret No More: Filing For Bankruptcy Can Destroy The Attorney-Client Privilege

Entering bankruptcy may force the disclosure of conversations a debtor has had with his or her attorneys before filing for bankruptcy. Read More
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What Can You Do When a Borrower Files Bankruptcy on the Eve of a Foreclosure Sale?

What can you do when a borrower files bankruptcy on the eve of a foreclosure sale? Are you entitled to the swift results of dismissing the bankruptcy case based on bad faith? If you are a commercial lender, odds are you will find yourself in this sit… Read More
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Operating a LLC: What Can…

Operating a LLC: What Can be Done When a Member is Destructively Asserting Their Power Over the LLC?

In the past, we have written numerous blogs on the importance of having an operating agreement if you hold a membership interest in a LLC. Disagreements often arise between members of a LLC which can be resolved with a comprehensive operating agreeme… Read More
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Judgment Debtors Watch Ou…

Judgment Debtors Watch Out! New Case Law Protects Creditors with Foreign Judgments

In a victory for creditors, the Supreme Court of Florida recently ruled, in Patrick v. Hess, 2017 Fla. LEXIS 337 (Fla. Feb. 16, 2017), that foreign judgment creditors have significantly more time to enforce their judgments in Florida if they complete… Read More
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Bankruptcy v. Litigation:…

Bankruptcy v. Litigation: What You Need to Consider

Over the past several years, the number of bankruptcy filings has fluctuated substantially, peaking significantly in 2005 when the Bankruptcy Code was revised and again in 2010 with the recession. With the recovery of the economy, there has been a do… Read More
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When Creditors' Rights Issues Collide With Estate Planning, What Should You Do?

Many times the purpose of estate planning may be directly in conflict with the purpose of asset protection and creditors’ rights.  For instance, perhaps gifting by parents to the children over a number of years makes excellent tax advice and addre… Read More
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You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Debtors Who Surrender a Home in Bankruptcy Are Precluded from Challenging the State Court Foreclosure

As a result of this opinion, Florida debtors must be aware that if they elect to surrender their home in bankruptcy in order to obtain a discharge of the personal liability of the debt, they cannot contest a future foreclosure case and must be prepar… Read More
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