The Twist and Turns of a…

The Twist and Turns of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: How Real Estate Investors Can Be Impacted by a Chapter 11 Filing and How They can Maximize Their Investment If They are Willing to Fight Back

Attorney Iurillo provides an example of how real estate investors can maximize their return on investment even in a tenant's chapter 11 bankruptcy by banding together and using their leverage wisely. Read More
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Operating a LLC: What Can…

Operating a LLC: What Can be Done When a Member is Destructively Asserting Their Power Over the LLC?

In the past, we have written numerous blogs on the importance of having an operating agreement if you hold a membership interest in a LLC. Disagreements often arise between members of a LLC which can be resolved with a comprehensive operating agreeme… Read More
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You Never Thought a Partnership Agreement was Important, But Now You’re in Court. What happens next?

The importance of having an Operating Agreement in the case of a limited liability company and a Shareholder Agreement in the case of a corporation is very significant.  Essential terms include identifying who the shareholders are, what their shareh… Read More
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You’ve Been Sued by Your Business Partner. Is There Any Alternative to Going to Trial? YES, Mediation!

You and your long-term friend/business partner have operated a manufacturing company for the past 20 years.  You have 30 employees and also a number of minority shareholders in the business. You and your business partner are the majority shareholder… Read More
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So, you’re thinking about opening a business, how hard could that be?

Let’s take the restaurant business for example. Assume that you are the person with the talent and brains behind the operation. You were a chef in a famous restaurant in New York City. You decided to move to St. Petersburg, Florida and have talked… Read More
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Gaining a Competitive Edge Using a Well Drafted Confidentiality Agreement as a Shield to Protect Your Business's Confidential Information

This is the fourth and last part of a series of blogs on what you need to consider to preserve that competitive edge, what happens when there is a violation of the agreement by disclosing confidential information and having a well drafted confiden… Read More
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Gain a Competitive Edge with a Well Drafted Confidentiality Agreement

This is the third part of a series of four blogs designed to give your business the competitive edge it needs to preserve the most valuable assets your business has such as the financial information of your company, trade secrets and intellectual pro… Read More
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Gaining a competitive edge with a non-compete: What rewards does your business gain if drafted correctly? What catastrophes happen if it is not drafted correctly?

If your non-compete is drafted correctly, you can swiftly get to court and obtain what is called “injunctive relief.” That is the power to get a court order that will immediately stop the person or company causing the harm to your business. For i… Read More
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Gain a Competitive Edge with Non-Competes

The first question you will likely ask is “do you really need a non-compete?” When answering that question, you should ask yourself the following: What have you worked so hard to protect? How would you be harmed if someone walked away and used y… Read More
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7 Reasons It Is Important to Hire a Lawyer to Draft an Operating Agreement

Florida’s LLC Act was substantially revised in 2013, as a result, new LLCs were required to comply with the new Act by January 1, 2014 and existing LLCs were required to comply with the new Act by January 1, 2015. For a number of reasons, it is imp… Read More
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