Bankruptcy Practice and Procedure Publications

A Guide to Chapter 7 Trustee Elections
(published Florida Law Practice Link June 2011)

Is Your Debt Consumer Debt and Why Does it Matter?
(published in Hillsborough County Bar Association Lawyer magazine Sept 2010; Florida Law Practice Link Sept 2010; Paraclete Feb 2011)

Are Debtors' Attorneys "Debt Relief Agencies"?
(published in The Cramdown Summer 2010)

Attorneys: Update your Advertisements!
(published in Paraclete May 2010; Florida Law Practice Link March 2011)

Who are You: Bankruptcy Trustees
(published in Paraclete April 2010; Res Ipsa Apr / May 2010; Hillsborough County Bar Association Lawyer magazine Apr 2010)

The Debt Considered in a Bankruptcy Case May Surprise You
(published in Paraclete June 2009; Res Ipsa Aug / Sept 2009; Florida Law Practice Link June 2009)

Venue Issues for a Corporation Considering Filing for Bankruptcy
(published in Paraclete May 2009; Res Ipsa Jun / July 2009; Florida Law Practice Link Sept 2009)

Individuals and Corporations Need to Beware of Civil Contempt in Bankruptcy Court
(published in Paraclete Nov 2008; Res Ipsa Oct / Nov 2008)

The U.S. Trustee: An Essential Player in the Bankruptcy Process
(published in Paraclete Sept 2008)

When is Reconsideration of a Bankruptcy Court Order or Judgment an Option?
(published in Paraclete March 2008)

Can You Discriminate Against a Bankruptcy Debtor?
(published in Paraclete Feb 2008)

What's a Lawyer to Do When a Client Receives the Benefit of Their Legal Services and Then Refuses to Pay?
(published in Paraclete Oct 2007; Res Ipsa Oct / Nov 2007; FL Law Practice Link Fall 2007)

Can a Bankruptcy Trustee Stop the Defense of an Insurer by Claiming Insurance Proceeds are an Asset of the Estate?
(published in Paraclete Sept 2007; Res Ipsa Aug / Sept 2007; Hillsborough County Bar Association Lawyer magazine 2009)

Fraud on the Court Will Not Go Unpunished
(published in Paraclete May 2007)

When a Bankruptcy Trustee Sells Real Property Owned by a Debtor and a Non-Debtor Co-Owner, What Happens to the Sale Proceeds?
(published in Paraclete April 2007)

How Do you Appeal a Bankruptcy Decision?
(published in Paraclete Feb 2007)

If You Sue a Debtor In Bankruptcy Court, Can You Collect Attorney's Fees Too?
(published in Paraclete Dec 2006/ Jan 2007; Res Ipsa April / May 2007)

The Debtor is Back: Consumers "Charge" Forward Under the New Bankruptcy Law
(published in Paraclete 2006)

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